Firefighters Saves Dog After Rescuing Him from House Fire

A house fire broke down around 12:22 pm located in the 2300 block of Terrace Drive Thursday causing the displacement of the family and the death of one of their pet dogs.

House Fire

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Fortunately, firefighters were able to save another dog who was panting heavily and almost unconscious after he was brought out by one officer from the burning house.

In a video of the rescue, one can see the firefighter taking off his oxygen to give it to the struggling dog. The officer kept stroking the dog who was shaking and having a difficult time breathing.

The medical team then came to help the firefighter by giving the pet an oxygen mask while the firefighter kept on massaging the dog’s body.

House Fire

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Towards the end of the clip, one can see that the dog has already regained his strength and was breathing normally on its own.

Apparently, the fire started from the garage and was caused by a space heater that was left turned on. The owner of the home was not around when the fire broke out.

In an interview with KWTX, homeowner Jacob Loeffelholz said that his dogs may have kicked their blankets toward the space heater causing them to ignite.

The homeowner learned a painful lesson from the house fire and wanted others to learn from his mistakes, saying:

“I know that everyone wants to keep their dogs warm, but just be very cautious about blankets and stuff and hazardous stuff around the heaters turn them off if you’re not going to be home.”

House Fire

Because of the quick response by the fire department, only the garage was consumed by the fire. The house was mainly ruined by the smoke.

While there are no human casualties, the fire took the life of Patron, the family’s pit bull.

According to statistics by Project Breathe,  about 40,000 pets die every year because of fire and most of these animals die because of smoke inhalation.

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