Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 38 Years Left in Prison with His Dog

Malcolm Alexander was only 21 years old when he was sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. After almost four decades, he was finally freed and declared innocent, thanks to The Innocence Project and advancement in forensic science.



The 58-year-old walked free from the Louisiana State Penitentiary on January 30 together with the dog he raised inside prison named Innocent or Inn for short.

“I named her Inn because I was innocent, and she was innocent,” Malcolm shared.

Malcolm raised Inn since the dog was only nine months old and even then, he kept telling Inn that they will be out of prison one day.

The day had finally arrived and when asked what would be the first thing they would do together, Malcolm shared that they are going to the park.



“We going to the park and we’re going to chase birds – she likes to chase birds,” he said.

Malcolm was arrested and charged with rape in 1979 and after 38 years DNA evidence proved that he was not guilty of the crime.

“The stakes, in this case, couldn’t have been higher for Mr. Alexander who faced a mandatory sentence of life without parole, yet the attorney that he entrusted with his life did next to nothing to defend him,” said Vanessa Potkin, post-conviction litigation director at the Innocence Project.


Malcolm admitted that he was angry when he was convicted but he was already passed that and would just like to “enjoy what life we have left.”

“Let what happened be gone, and let’s move on. Simple,” he said. “I’m surrounded by love.”

Needless to say, Malcolm and Inn are excited to be out and free.

“I feel beautiful. I feel happy, very happy. I feel happy for her. ‘I told you we gone’ be free,” he said. “This is the end and complete.”

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