Drug Addict Turned Life Around Thanks to the Help of a Kind-Hearted Schoolmate

Patrick Hinga Wanjiru from Kenya had been a drug addict since he was in standard eight because of peer pressure and influence.

Drug Addict

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“It all began with cigarettes,” Patrick said. “Before we knew it, we were smoking Bhang [marijuana]. I gave in to drugs because of peer pressure.”

His condition got so bad that he was expelled in school and his mother had no choice but to send him to a mental institution with the hope that Patrick would be able to get rid of his drug dependence.

“We have been in and out of the hospital almost 8 times and he is even quite well known in ward five. They would discharge him, and he would be alright for a week. Other times he would simply run away from the hospital because he knew it well enough,” recalled Patrick’s mom.

Drug Addict

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Patrick apparently did not receive suitable treatment in the hospital causing his overall mental health to deteriorate.

“He complained a lot and said all they did was give him medication and treat him like a mental patient and yet he was not mentally ill and that is why he kept running away. But when he was out of the hospital, he would walk around the neighborhood completely naked, or he would rummage through garbage,” shared his mother.

Patrick lived on the streets for fear of being re-admitted to the mental institution. He usually spends the night outside a small hotel where a former schoolmate Wanja Mwaura found him.

Drug Addict


Wanja took pity on him and helped Patrick to enter a decent drug rehabilitation facility. Wanja took Patrick’s story on social media and many Kenyan’s acted by raising funds to help his treatment.

It has only been three months, but Patrick’s transformation is nothing short of a miracle. Looking at his before and current photos, one can see that he has gone a long way. No one would ever think he was once a helpless drug addict.

“I feel like I am a new man. I pray daily, asking God to deliver me so that I am not pulled back to that life of drugs,” Patrick said.

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