Dogs Adam and Eva Roused Owners from Sleep to Save Elderly Woman from Freezing to Death

One frigid Saturday morning, Lonnie and Susan Chester were roused by their dogs, Adam and Eva, signaling that they wanted to go out of the house badly.


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It was only 4:30 am and that kind of behavior the dogs were exhibiting was not normal.

“(Adam) never tugged on my clothes before, so I was cautious about letting them out because I didn’t know if there was anything out there,” Lonnie shared.

When Lonnie got up and opened the door, the dog immediately bolted out of the house and went straight to his truck parked outside.

Lonnie followed the dogs and was shocked to see an elderly woman on the ground, wearing nothing but a nightgown.

“She looked up at me and said, ‘I’m so cold,'” Lonnie said. “I have no idea how long she had been out there. She must have been terrified.”


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He took the old woman inside their home and kept her warm with some blankets and immediately called 911.

“It could have been a tragic outcome had Adam and Eva not woken us,” Susan said. “I don’t know how they knew she was out there.”

The family of the elderly eventually came to their house looking for their loved one after the woman was sent for medical treatment.

Apparently, they have been looking for the old lady but did not spot her because she was lying on the snow and it was very dark.

Susan shared that her elderly mother also wandered outside the cold two months ago and she is still undergoing treatment for the injuries she sustained at that time.


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Susan is extremely proud of their dogs for what they have done.

“We’re just so proud of our dogs knowing they may have saved a life,” Susan said. “I hope this serves as a wake-up call for everyone, especially with it being so cold out.”

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