Kind Stranger Gives Super Bowl Tickets to a Teen Fighting Cancer

Thirteen-year-old Cole Fitzgerald has always been a fighter. Doctors told his mother before he was born that he wouldn’t be able to survive but he did. And at three years old, the teen had to battle cancer and found a way to beat the odds again.


The teenager is a huge Eagles fan. He even told his dad, Bill Fitzgerald, that his dream is to become a professional football player.

Unfortunately, this dream will never be realized considering the muscle deformity he has been born with. But his dad encouraged him to find another way, just like he always does.

“Once we explained to him that there are other roles, it was like a light bulb went off,” Bill shared.

True to his surviving form, Cole found a way and his “role” after reading an article about Delimitros who took the job of equipment manager because he couldn’t play.


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The teen fighter then made his Washington Township Junior High School football team create a position for him as equipment manager.

After a news outlet picked up Cole’s story, the Eagles hired Cole to be the team’s equipment manager for a weekend.

That wonderful experience happened back in November, but little did Cole know that his short stint with the Eagles would lead to another exciting surprise.

Apparently, a man from Eden Prairie found out about Cole’s “football manager” story and contacted Spare Key to give his Super Bowl tickets to the young man.


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Spare Key is an organization that assists families in crisis with ill children.

Spare Key Director of Development Mary Serie flew to Philadelphia to personally give Cole the big surprise.

“No way,” Cole said. “Oh my goodness, I know what it is.”

Cole didn’t get to meet the kind stranger from Minnesota as he wanted to remain anonymous. Mary said that the Minnesotan simply wanted to do something nice without taking any credit.

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