Dog Held Hands with Woman Who Foster Her During the Entire Car Ride

A lovable dog ended up in an animal shelter after her owner died and when Kim Mozena Rezac decided to foster her until she finds a permanent home, it appeared that the dog was very grateful.


Rezac uploaded a clip on Facebook showing how the dog would like them to hold hands as they drive from the shelter to her home.

“You guys… So this girl’s person died and she found herself homeless. She was in our shelter for a couple of days and I felt sorry for her so I brought her home. How sweet is she????” Rezac wrote in her post.

“She wanted to hold my hand the whole way. If I took it away she would paw it,” Rezac told TODAY. “She just wanted to be touching.”


Inspiring Day

According to Rezac, the sweet dog named Regan appeared to be completely scared and confused when she was sent to the shelter. Rezac then tried earning Regan’s trust in the next three days.

“You could tell she was scared and afraid. I would go in and give her treats and sit with her and talk,” shared Rezac

The dog and the 51-year-old animal lover eventually formed a bond, so the latter decided to foster her temporarily.

“Our shelter is wonderful, and our volunteers do such a great job with the animals. But I hated for her to be there if she could be curled up on a couch at my house,” she said.



Rezac said that for the entire 2 ½ hour drive from the shelter to her home, Regad held her hand.

“I think she felt secure in touching someone familiar,” she said. “She was so nervous and scared in the shelter but as soon as she jumped into my car she seemed so grateful.”

Thanks to the video going viral, countless people showed their interest in adopting Regan.

To date, the dog is living with a couple who intends to adopt her later.

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