Cat with Two-Toned Facial Hair is Undoubtedly Captivating

Stephanie Jimenez is a breeder of British longhair and shorthair cat in the Paris region and she was surprised to welcome Narnia, an incredibly unique cat into her home, who grabbed the attention of many netizens because of his captivating appearance.


“We are a small family breeding British longhair and shorthair located in the Paris region,” Stephanie wrote on Weebly. “Here is my beautiful Narnia of Grace, he was born at home on March 28, 2017, a real small miracle, blue and black (with locket), with blue eyes.”

Narnia is born with a perfectly split grey and black fur that goes down in the middle his face. Cat lovers couldn’t get enough of his pictures as more than 16 thousand people follow his Instagram page.


It seems that the world couldn’t get enough of cats like Narnia, which is believed to be another chimera cat. Chimera cats are apparently, felines whose cells have two types of DNA that happens because two non-identical twins did not develop separately but were fused together. This is the reason for its two distinct appearances.

It can be recalled that a similar looking cat, named Venus, also went viral in 2012. Because of her popularity, her owners created her own Facebook page, which now has over a million likes; an Instagram account; a website; and even her very own online dating profile with the handle Venuskitty09.


Laughing Squid

Venus’ owners were earlier accused of photoshopping her pictures, which is why her website wittingly explained that she’s authentic, saying:

“I’m 100 % natural. No makeup at all. Not even eyeliner. In the salon where I get my pedicures done Photoshop and spray paint aren’t even allowed.”

Another “two-faced” cat who made the headlines earlier among cat lovers is Quimera. Just like Venus, Quimera has two different colored eyes apart from a two-toned fur.


While many people are debating the cause of such beautiful anomaly, one thing is certain, Narnia, Venus, Quimera, and other cats like them are undoubtedly captivating

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