Cat Owner Faked His Death and His Cat’s Reaction was Incredible

Sparta is a Bengal mix cat rescued by his owner more than 10 years ago. He’s popularly known in social media platforms as “The Mean Kitty”.


Bored Panda

Apart from having solid followers on Facebook, Sparta is also popular on YouTube since his owner enjoys creating interesting videos of him and his other pets.

According to his owner: “Sparta loves stalking, wrestling, crunchy toys, playing fetch, and being held like a baby.”

Earlier this month, however, Sparta’s owner diverted from the usual things that he enjoys and tried something different.


Apparently, someone asked him what would Sparta do if he suddenly died and this query prompted the cat’s owner to fake his own death and wait for Sparta’s reaction.

The owner uploaded the clip on YouTube with the title: “Faking my Death in Front of My Cat – Mean Kitty Reacts.”

The video started with Sparta waking nonchalantly in the living room. Afterwards, his owner came and slowly fell face down on the floor, pretending to have a heart attack.

Sparta came as soon as he noticed his master lying motionlessly on the floor.



The cat appeared to be alerted as his tail looked stiff and his eyes began looking around. Sparta then approached his owner’s hand and nudge it with his head.

When the nudging didn’t work, one would expect that Sparta would do something spectacular to “revive” his master but the cat did something hysterical instead – he lied down beside his master exposing his tummy.

All the owner can say when this happened was: “Really, dude?”


The clip had garnered almost 4 million views and liked by 62 thousand people.

One commenter named Beaches explained Sparta’s behavior best: “The cat knows your messing around or just taking a nap. They can hear your breathing and heartbeat from across the room and their whiskers can sense the heat radiating from your body. He plopped down by you for nap time.”

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